Abkhazia says alarmed by resuming arms supplies to Georgia


SUKHUM, March 20 (Itar-Tass) – Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Abkhazia is gravely concerned by the fact of resuming supplies of armaments to Georgia and the preparations for new armed actions that are going on in the zone of responsibility of the European mission of observers, the ministry said in a statement Friday.

Abkhazian leadership views the actions of the European monitoring mission as the ones "conniving at Georgia’s aggressive intentions, which turns the Europeans into a party to the conflict."

"In a bid to destabilize the situation in the districts of Abkhazia located close to the border, the Georgian leadership has resumed the tactics of terrorist and subversive warfare against Abkhazia’s population and state organizations," the ministry said.

"To carry out these provocations, the Georgian authorities have set up a special unit affiliated with the Interior Ministry," the report said. "The unit consists of up to 300 specially trained fighters."

"Being based in the immediate vicinity of the Georgian-Abkhazian border, this special unit plans armed provocations against Abkhazia’s forces of law and order deployed in the Kodor Gorge and against the ethnic Svanetian population returning there," the ministry said.

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